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Carolyn Black-Sotir    Review highlights

“A sell-out audience gave Carolyn Black a standing ovation after a flawless performance. . . .  Her medley of songs evoked thunderous applause and bravos from the crowd. . . . possessing as much feeling and professional ease as I’ve ever seen.” 

--John Drybred, Intelligencer Journal, Lancaster, PA


“An abundance of beauty and talent.”-- Pittsburgh Press


“Black is a wonderful singer, with beautiful tone, and excellent diction, and her portrayal is spontaneous and superbly characterized.”--Bob Haskins, Baltimore Sun


“A voice that is absolutely beautiful!”--Neil Diamond


“Miss Black is a supertalent.”--Roy Goshorn, Sunday Patriot News, Harrisburg , PA


“stunning. . . charming and intelligent. . . .”--Bill McKinney,

Morning News, Erie , PA


Carolyn Black-Sotir , known to many for her interviews and spotlights, was terrific as Alaura Kingsley…Carolyn dazzles with her sensational voice and super performance.”  --Patti Murphy, Talkin’ Broadway


“With a standing ovations from the inspired audience, the concert was a smashing success.” --Nordwest Zeitung , Germany


“Carolyn is class with a capital C. . . .she displayed charm, wit and grace.”--Sam Taylor, New Era, Lancaster , PA


“Carolyn Black wows audience. . . . [her] concert is a success.”--Sharon Brown, The Chronicle, Elizabethtown, PA


“Her voice is an extremely powerful one. . . . [she] exhibited fine musicianship and technical ability.” --Barbara Little, Intelligencer Journal


“A singer who possesses vocal beauty, accuracy, and musicianly singing.”--Karl Moyer, Sunday News


“The moving solo is executed beautifully by Carolyn Black.”--Winifred Walsh, Baltimore Evening Sun


“Soprano Black’s voice was clear, easily reaching peaks in the music and holding them well.  Black was stunning.--Michael Lear-Olimpi, New Era


“Brilliant. . .shining. . .expressive. . .confident.”--Sue Chastain, Philadelphia Inquirer

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